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“We provides expert Google SEO services to boost your website ranking and drive more organic traffic in Google. Get more leads & sales. Free Consultation!”

In today’s digital landscape, having a robust online presence is crucial for any business in Malaysia aiming to thrive. If you’re looking for the best SEO Malaysia has to offer, Ericanfly is your go-to expert. As a leading SEO consultant in Malaysia, we specialize in creating customized SEO strategies that drive traffic, enhance visibility, and boost your business’s online performance.

Our Proven SEO Strategies Process

At Ericanfly, we follow a systematic and proven process to ensure your SEO success:

Initial Consultation: We start with a detailed consultation to understand your business, goals, and current SEO status.

SEO Audit: We perform a comprehensive SEO audit to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

Strategy Development: Based on the audit, we develop a customized SEO strategy tailored to your needs.

Implementation: Our team implements the strategy, making necessary changes to your website and creating optimized content.

Monitoring and Reporting: We continuously monitor your website’s performance and provide monthly reports to keep you informed of progress.

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Ready to take your business to the next level with top-notch SEO services in Malaysia? Contact Ericanfly today. As a premier Google SEO consultant in Malaysia, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your online goals with effective and sustainable SEO strategies. Let’s work together to boost your online presence and drive more traffic to your website.

Ericanfly SEO Special Offer

Looking to dominate search results in Malaysia in 2024?

Ericanfly is your trusted SEO expert!

We specialize in getting websites on the first page of Google Malaysia searches, using both local SEO and Google SEO strategies. We’re so confident, we guarantee a top 10 ranking or your service is free!

With over 20 years of experience, Ericanfly SEO (based in Puchong, Selangor) has helped over 300 websites reach the #1 spot on Google since 2003, starting at just RM2,000.

Our Google SEO services in Malaysia deliver real results. You’ll see more website visitors, leads, sales, and overall business growth. We’re a leading SEO agency, with over 300 clients who have achieved top 10 rankings for over 5,000 keywords!

Get proven SEO strategies that work! Contact Ericanfly today for a customized plan to boost your business in 2024. We’ll help you outrank your competition and build a strong online presence in the ever-changing world of Malaysian SEO.

Dominate Google Search in Malaysia This Year!

Struggling to find your website on the first page of Google? If you can’t find yourself, how can your customers?

Ericanfly’s Google SEO Services can change that! We specialize in helping businesses in Malaysia rank higher in search results, leading to more website traffic and potential customers.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Boost your ranking on Google Malaysia’s first page in 2024.
  • Increase website traffic and attract new customers.
  • Get found by people actively searching for your products or services.

Ready to take your online presence to the next level?

Contact Ericanfly today for a free consultation and see how our Google SEO services can help your business thrive!

Want more customers to find you online?

Ericanfly SEO can help! We specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get your website on the first page of Google searches, right when potential clients look for your products, services, or even your company name.

We offer professional SEO services tailored to your specific business needs. Contact us today for a free SEO consultation to discuss how our Malaysian SEO team can help you skyrocket your sales, website traffic, and overall business growth.

Kickstart your online success – it’s free to talk!

2024 BEST SEO Malaysia | Ericanfly SEO Services Malaysia

We are a Malaysia-based SEO company with over 300+ satisfied clients. We’re proud to boast that all of our clients have managed to rank higher in Google’s SERPs, get more organic traffic, improve conversion rates, receive more enquiries and generate more leads for their business. Get Start SEO Consultation Service! 


> 10 Year SEO Hands-On Experiences


> 19 Years Digital Marketing Agency


> 300 SEO Website Local & Globally


> 5,000 Google Top 10 Keywords

SEO Success Story 01: Hardware Store

SEO Success Story 02: Furniture Store

SEO Success Story 03: Computer Store

Why SEO Still Matters for Malaysian Businesses in 2024?

Ever wonder how people find businesses online? That’s the power of SEO! It’s all about getting your website on the first page of Google searches when Malaysians look for products or services like yours. Here’s why it’s crucial in 2024:

  • Dominate Local Searches: SEO isn’t just global, it’s local too! We can optimize your website for Malaysian keywords so you reach the right customers.
  • Free Traffic, Big Results: Unlike paid ads, SEO drives organic traffic, meaning more website visitors without extra cost.
  • Stay Ahead of the Competition: In 2024, a strong online presence is key. SEO helps you outrank competitors and become the go-to choice for Malaysians.
  • Build Trust and Credibility: High search rankings show Google trusts your site, making you a reliable source for potential customers.

Think about it:

  • 75% of Malaysians never go past Google’s first page.
  • 80% of Malaysian searchers click on organic results, not ads.

Don’t miss out! Invest in SEO and unlock the potential of your Malaysian business in 2024.

What will you be getting from our SEO Malaysia services?

Rank in Google 1st Page Rank

Stay Ahead of your competitors

Help your customers find your website first!

Get more Enquiries, Calls, Leads, & Sales

Better Brand Awareness!

Build Better trust and credibility!

More over, our SEO Services packages are from RM2,000 when you have keywords rank in Google Top 10

Looking for more SEO Services?
Yes…we are provide SEO Add on services as below:

SEO makeover? Trying a new SEO provider?

Are you looking for a new SEO provider to take over your existing SEO?

Yes we can help you! We can help you take control of your current SEO keywords and keep your rankings high on Google!

As a bonus, we also offer you additional NEW keywords! Contact us today!

SEO Exchange / SEO Trade-in?

Unhappy with your current SEO providers?

Keywords can’t appear in the Google Top 10?
Fewer leads than expected?

Yes, we offer an SEO exchange for additional months of SEO.

Contact us, let’s see if we can help you.

SEO migration? Maintain a good ranking?

Moving to a NEW website platform?

Concerned about the current high rankings on Google?

Launching a new website? Changing your website domain?

Yes, we can help….

Contact us today to start ranking high on Google today!

SEO Training? Internal SEO?

Would you rather work on SEO internally and need to pass on your SEO knowledge?

Find someone to train a team on internal SEO?

Yes… we can help! Contact us today!

Website renovation? Blog Article?

Need someone to redesign your website together with SEO?

Need someone to polish your website content and add some educational blog articles on a regular basis?

Yes… we can help you! Cont’act us today

Do you run Google Ads? display? Video?

Reach more customers with Google Search Ads, Display Ads or YouTube Video Ads?

Yes, we are Google Partners Malaysia.

We can help kill 2 flies at once! Contact us today!

Why Choose Ericanfly SEO Consultant Malaysia as your SEO partner in 2023?

We are pioneer SEO Malaysia since 2001

We SEO over 300+ website!

We Rank over 5,000+ keywords on Google Top 10

We guarantee Google Top 10 or 100% Money Back!

We measure your SEO Results effectively!

We are 100% Made in Malaysia

Ericanfly SEO is Your perfect SEO Specialist & SEO Consultant Malaysia 

We recommend SEO best practises on your website

We perform ongoing keyword discovery, expansion and optimisation

We recommend best seo website architecture, content, linking

We recommend drive organic traffic through content creation

We recommend internal and external link building strategy

We monitor SEO performance and competitor analysis and monitoring

We offer SEO Services for various industries in Malaysia to Rank Google #1 page! Contact us today to discuss how we can help you success in digital Marketing!

We have great SEO hands-on experiences in providing Google SEO services for websites build using various content management systems (CMS)

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Our professional SEO Services will ensure your website & keywords  rank #1 page of & or 100% Money Back. SEO price from RM1,000. We are SEO Specialist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with more than 10 years offering local seo services for clients in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Johor, Singapore and more. We have seo over 300 websites, from Shangri-la hotel, Hotel Jen Penang, Air Selangor, Goodnite, Lonpac, Erican College, KDK Malaysia, Hai-O, SIRIM QAS, RSM Malaysia, Symphony House, to SiteGiant eCommerce clients. We have successfully ranked more than 5,000 keywords on the first page of Google.  We also can provide professional corporate website design, landing page design, banner ads design, and YouTube Video Ads production since 2001. Get your FREE SEO Consultation!

FAQs: Ericanfly SEO Consultant Services

What type of SEO Services are offered by Ericanfly SEO?

Ericanfly SEO is One-Stop SEO Services that offer various type for SEO services including SEO Google Top 10 Ranking,  local seo services, ecommerce seo services for SiteGiant, Shopify, Woocommerce, Wix, Squarespace, corporate seo services and more. We also offer SEO Reputation, SEO Audit & Report and Google My Business Services.

Why choose Ericanfly SEO as your SEO Partner?

Ericanfly SEO will ensure your website & keywords  rank #1 page of & or 100% Money Back. SEO price from RM1,000. We are SEO Specialist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with more than 10 years offering local seo services for clients in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Johor, Singapore and more. We have seo over 500 websites, from Shangri-la hotel, Hotel Jen Penang, Air Selangor, Erican College, KDK Malaysia, Hai-O, SIRIM QAS, RSM Malaysia, Symphony House, to SiteGiant eCommerce clients. We have successfully ranked more than 2,000 keywords on the first page of Google.

What are the benefits of Ericanfly SEO?

In general, when you rank well in Google, you will see your keywords rank in Google top 10 (1st Page), you are also expecting to get more calls, sales and enquiries. SEO will also help to boost your brand awareness.

  • SEO drive leads & sales
  • SEO increase store visit
  • SEO grow your business
  • SEO Get more customers
  • SEO Outrank your competition
  • SEO help both local & International business

What make Ericanfly SEO different from others SEO agency?

Beside that helping our clients appear in Google top 10 (first page ranking), Ericanfly SEO also always care about your SEO ROI! We will do various type of goal tracking measurement and we always ensure SEO always give you the best digital marketing ROI. We are web design company with more than 10 years experiences, thus we are familiar with web design, we can help you improve your website UX and UI in order to increase engagement of your website visitors. We are also Google Partner, we can help to plan for Google Ads – Search, Display, Video, Shopping or Apps as well. We provide one stop digital marketing solutions.

What is the Ericanfly SEO Process?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is the process of optimising your website in a way that it will achieve top rankings on major search engines such as Google. We are working hard on your website by our more than 10 years professional experiences in web industries. We follow very closely on Google webmaster guide and Google new search algorithm from time to time. We utilise a five-step process for top ranking placement in search engines through our website marketing services.

Step 1 : Brainstorm Keywords
The first most important thing is to create a list of relevant keyword phrases that are most likely searched on by potential clients. We then expand on the list by cross-referencing it against the search engines’ databases of actual keyword searches. This enables us to focus on the right words, the ones that will drive qualified traffic to your site. If you are Google Ads user, you already know which keywords work well for you, we can continue seo those keywords for you to save your long term PPC cost!

Step 2 : Identify Competitor Keywords
It is important to find out the best keywords used by your competitors. This allows us to know what keywords they are optimizing which helps us to gauge our position so that we can improve on our strategies to move your site above theirs in the search engines.

Step 3 : Tweaking Website Content
Once we have our choice of keywords, we will then tweak the website to include the necessary keyword phrases in the right places. This will enable your site to be listed when searched for using selected keywords. The changes will be customized to the look-and-feel of the site and the nature of the content. We also need ftp access or your CMS / WordPress access in order for us to change the meta tags accordingly.

Step 4 : Link Building
Link building plays an important part in establishing your competitive position in the online space through links to other sites in order to receive traffic and to give resources to visitors. We can develop links to your website from various sources that you want as link partners such as e-zines, newsletters, directories, online marketplace and many more once your site is optimized and content-rich. Link building is an ongoing process that requires continuous additions as many new websites are being developed each day. We spend 80% of our time doing link building!

Step 5 : Tracking and Reports
It may require a search engine a few weeks for accepted search engine submissions to be effective considering the Web is growing at an exceptional rate. We provide ranking reports to keep track of your site’s performance in the search engines. We can then analyze which keywords are most effective and adjust accordingly to better place your website.

Google Organic (SEO) always give the best ROI!

Ericanfly  SEO Case Studies

Our seo clients keywords rank on Google #1 page SERPs!

Ericanfly SEO Top 10 keywords

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