Ericanfly SEO Approach & SEO Process


We always see all our client as our partners. We will grow with client and make sure our client always comply with Google’s latest search algorithm and stay ahead others in Google, Yahoo and Bing as well!

We will advise our client accordingly such as recently mobile friendly website with AMP is important for mobile search results.

Thus, we advise our client to convert current website to mobile friendly website in order to have better ranking in mobile search. Moreover, content is still king and Google favour more on the website will regular update  with fresh content. So, we will advise our client to add blog section in their website and blog regularly to below the leader in their industry.

Our SEO Process

SEO-processHow do you seo ?  We will start analyse our client website, keywords, and website content. We also analyse our client main competitors keywords and their ranking in Google.

Next, we will find out the popular keywords of your industry and let client decide on the final keywords to start with. We do respect on our client decision as some of the keywords are pretty niche and it would be our client core products and services.

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On-page SEO:

We will start with on-page seo. We will make sure our client website have enough content to support the seo keywords, impressive photos or video to attract visitor attention and help to engage more with our client. We also make sure our client website have clear call-to-action such as “Buy Now” and “Call Us Now”.

After that, we will prepare website page meta title and description tags for landing page accordingly meaning which keywords should bring client to which page of your website.

We will also setup up conversion / goal tracking to justify your SEO ROI.

Off-page SEO:

After On-page SEO, we will submit your website to Google, Yahoo and bing for indexing. Then, we start off-page seo such as back link building, submission for relevant directory accordingly, blog post, social media posting and sharing. We need to perform these process from time to time to compete with current top 10 ranking websites and to compete with newcomers also for the top 10 ranking.

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SEO Results will take times…

why-seo-malaysiaHow long does seo take? SEO process with usually take 4 – 6 months time before we can get your website appear in Google Top 10. We are seeking our client help to add in more content accordingly whenever it is needed.

We will also provide seo copywriting when needed to make sure our client website content is compelling and useful.


SEO Monthly Reports

We will prepare and send Monthly SEO keywords ranking report to our client on every 1st week of the month. Our client will be able to know their current standing on Google Search ranking results page.

We will do the seo audit when come to the seo renewal. We will discuss with client to find out their feedback and figure out what else we can do to benefits our client more and to cater their need better.

Moreover, we will also monitor our client website healthiness to make sure it is always up and running and free from malware or virus attack.

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Why Ericanfly SEO?

We care about results. Beside getting listed in Google Top 10, we also would like to make sure our client have good return on their investment.

Usually, when your website appear in Google top 10, it will indirectly help to increase more web traffic to your website, generate more calls, and ultimately give you more sales and business.

Furthermore, get listed in Google Top 10 ranking will help to build better trust where it can help to rank a smaller guy standing next to a big boy and make the big guy also look big online.

SEO will take time to establish relationship with Google and it will last for long run. Thus, it is good for long term investment.

“We love to see you success online. You success is our success too!”

SEO Case Studies:

  1. Education Industry
  2. Travel Industry
  3. Beauty Industry
  4. Ecommerce Website

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