Use SEO services, but keywords do not appear, whose fault?

Use SEO services, but keywords do not appear, whose fault?

In the world of SEO which is full of uncertainty and cannot be predicted 100% accurately, it is too simple if the question is whose fault, whether the client’s fault or the fault of the SEO service provider. Not infrequently, when SEO results do not match expectations, disputes occur between clients and service providers, or some even say that the SEO vendor is a fraud.

Just like SEO service providers in general, we, of course, have experienced such complaints. Even though we ourselves are SEO service providers, we will try to cover this topic in a balanced and objective manner.

Understand the Nature of SEO First: Uncertain and Not necessarily Successful

Each party, especially clients who are still laymen, must first understand how SEO works in outline (not technically). In the world of SEO, the service provider (vendor) must explain at the outset that SEO cannot be guaranteed 100% success. As a vendor, we can only try, not ensure. And throughout our observations, almost all SEO players in Indonesia have provided this information.

From the client’s side, expectations shouldn’t be too high. This means that you want to see the results quickly and think that if you have used SEO services, it will be okay. If this is the case, you will end up disappointed. Google itself states that not an SEO company can guarantee the ranking of a website on Google.

The Terms Of Service Of The SEO Service Provider Must Be Clear

Each SEO consultant may have different terms of service from one another. In essence, the provisions must be explained to the client from the start, don’t be gray and have multiple interpretations (tricky).

The client must also understand carefully all the provisions from the start, and if there is something that is unclear you must ask in front, don’t let this complaint run. Using SEO services is not as simple as buying hotcakes, just pay and then it’s done.

When SEO Fails, Who’s Wrong?

Without looking for mistakes, but there are in certain circumstances one party that causes errors to occur while the SEO campaign is running.

The fault is on the part of the SEO if (including but not limited to):

– Performing blackhat SEO techniques

– Disrupt the coding of your website to a mess and lots of errors

– Blocking websites from Google Search Console or robots.txt

The fault is on the client’s side if (including but not limited to):

– The website really doesn’t conform to Google’s rules, and doesn’t want to change it

– Expectations are too high, do not understand the nature of SEO and do not want to know the provisions of the vendor

– Do not want to be involved in things that are needed, just want to know that they are done

How to Respond When Your SEO Doesn’t Meet Expectations

When things don’t go your way, it’s easy for your head and heart to get hot. The following are attitudes to avoid for the common good:

  1. SEO service providers must admit failure, and if necessary apologize if it doesn’t work.
  2. The SEO service provider must correct mistakes IF any mistakes are made while doing SEO.
  3. If possible, the SEO service provider offers a replacement service (eg Google Adwords) or a refund.
  4. Clients do not arbitrarily accuse the SEO of fraud, cheating, IF there is no evidence.
  5. Clients do not demonize the SEO to third parties IF they do not have strong evidence or arguments.

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