What is crawlability in SEO?

What is crawlability in SEO?

What exactly is the crawler?

A search engine, such as Google, is made up of a crawler, an index, and an algorithm. The crawler adheres to the connections. When Google’s crawler, also known as Googlebot, discovers your website, it will render it, read it, and save the material to the index.

A crawler follows links on the internet. A crawler is also known as a robot, bot, or spider. It circulates over the internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When it comes across a webpage, it records the HTML version in a massive database known as the index. This index is updated whenever the crawler visits your website and discovers a new or amended version of it. The crawler visits your site more or less frequently depending on how significant Google considers your site and the amount of changes you make to it.

And what exactly is crawlability?

Crawlability is concerned with Google’s ability to crawl your website. Crawlers can be blocked on your website. There are several methods for preventing a crawler from accessing your website. If you block your website or a page on your website, you are telling Google’s crawler, “Do not come here.” In the majority of these instances, your site or the relevant page will not appear in the search results.

A few factors may prohibit Google from crawling (or indexing) your website:

  • Google will not visit your website or individual web page if your robots.txt file disables the crawler.
  • The crawler will examine the HTTP header of your page before scanning your website. A status code is included in this HTTP header. Google will not crawl your website if this status code indicates that a page does not exist. We’ll go over this in detail in the HTTP headers section of our Technical SEO course.
  • If the robots meta tag on a given website prevents the search engine from indexing that page, Google will crawl it but not index it.

Do you want to learn everything there is to know about crawlability?

Although crawlability is only the fundamentals of technical SEO (it refers to everything that allows Google to index your site), it is already very advanced for most people. Nonetheless, if you are preventing – maybe unknowingly! – crawlers from your site, you will never rank high in Google. If you’re serious about SEO, this should be important to you.

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