2021 SEO Strategy to Focus on Now

2021 SEO Strategy to Focus on Now

Google is consistently updating their algorithm to offer searchers a far better search results page that quickly and accurately answers their query. If you would like your content to point out your applicable queries in 2021, there are a couple of strategies and tactics you’ll get to work on now.

If you would like your content to point out your applicable queries in 2021, there are a couple of strategies and tactics you’ll get to work on now.

The top five most vital SEO strategies and tactics for 2021:

1. Align your SEO strategy together with your company’s “new normal.”

Before you’re taking on the other strategy, your SEO priorities got to be aligned together with your company’s. Chances are, there was some kind of shift thanks to the pandemic. Maybe your company is prioritizing a replacement or different product or service, some messaging has changed, there’s been a replacement launch of a service or initiative, or the budget has just been rearranged. Whatever your company or organization’s changes are, your SEO strategy must be updated to match.

2. Be on point with your content strategy.

Content has been and can remain the highest priority in 2021. SEO cannot exist without content. It is easy to let your content strategy become some vague bullet-pointed list in some strategy document that nobody on your team opens much, but we’re here to tell you that you simply will reap the rewards from a well maintained and thought-out strategy.

Research BEFORE you write. Create a core content strategy collaborative folder to share together with your team. Include goals, ideas, style guides, keyword/topic research, and the other content planning documents in one hub.

3. Shift from keywords to topics and search intent.

Your bread-and-butter keywords for your main site pages still matter tons. However, Google’s algorithm has changed significantly over the past few years, shifting from providing search listings for specific keywords to truly answering searchers’ questions. So, to rank your informative content, think like Google and answer your audience’s questions.

You want to form sure that a landing page fits the search intent of your audience. If people look for information, you don’t want to point out a product page. At least, not immediately. You had probably scared them away. If people want to shop for your product, don’t bore them with long articles. Lead them to your shop.

4. Always keep E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) in mind.

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, and isn’t a politician score or ranking factor from Google. It was originally used as a suggestion for Google’s team of “quality raters,” or people that manually review content to see abreast of the performance of Google’s search algorithm. That means that, while E-A-T isn’t some kind of official score that your content gets, Google is manipulating its algorithm to offer to refer to content that follows E-A-T guidelines. Using Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness guidelines is incredibly important for your content to perform and will be considered while you’re creating and publishing content.

5. User Experience (UX) & Core Web Vitals

In May of 2020, Google announced an upcoming change to their core algorithm. In 2021, they’ll be rolling out a page experience update which will include their new Core Web Vitals metrics as a ranking factor. While Google says they’ll provide a six-month warning before rolling out the update and it hasn’t come yet, it’s definitely an honest time to start out reviewing your website’s Core Web Vitals metrics. This is about as technical as SEO can get, so confirm your web developer is prepared to partner with you on this.

These are the top five most important SEO strategies and tactics for 2021.

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