5 things to do to make SEO better

5 things to do to make SEO better

In the midst of so many advertisers in the digital world, what is the fate of the SEO strategy? Is it still relevant? Yes, I think it’s still very relevant.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an effort to optimize a site to appear better in the eyes of search engines, aka to be perched on the front page. SEO today is synonymous with the Google search engine because in fact what is widely used is Google Search (even though we know there is Bing and Yahoo).

SEO to the layman looks complicated and sounds very “Hi Tech”. What you imagine may be a complex method that is not thought of by people who just entered the world of Internet business.

In fact, SEO is just like that. I’m not an SEO expert, but my 3 sites have thousands of visitors per day from organic traffic, aka rely solely on SEO.

In my opinion, if you do these things your SEO will automatically increase:

1. Content For Readers, Not Google

The mistake of many SEO newbies is to always think of their site for search engines, not for readers (who are your customers). Create content for readers, not Google.

The meaning? customers are king, so you have to satisfy customers in this context that the readers who come to your blog. Provide articles that are useful for readers and don’t just stuff keywords in the article.

Remember, Google prefers article content that is “readable”, aka easy to read and absorb meaning. Google has never played around in improving search results because its algorithm has been changed many times from panda to hummingbird to place websites with the best content on the first page.

So the first thing you have to do is create quality content for readers, period.

2. If you can, write it in depth

Content with 1000 words will certainly have a better effect on SEO than 500 words. With in-depth content, you also show that there is an understanding in this field.

Writing in depth is often challenged in today’s Internet era. Unlike the netizens of the early period of the internet who still enjoyed blogging so that their efforts were indeed higher in creating blogs and content, netizens now prefer to write on social media rather than blogs.

Google clearly prefers content with comprehensive discussion rather than just writing. I myself continue to write 1000 words of content on this blog even though the risk is that the content I write cannot increase quickly.

But no problem, one day I’m sure this blog will appear itself on the first page of Google.

3. Consistently Publishing Articles

The main problem with blogging is this: consistency. Why do you need to blog often to get better SEO?

This is related to the checks that Google does every day. Sites that have regularly updated content are given high “authority” by Google compared to other sites with the same topic.

That means sites with frequently updated articles will be placed more on the top. With this indicator, consider making a writing schedule if you are serious about making bloggers a livelihood.

In the next opportunity, I will provide a strategy if you are lazy to create your own content.

4. Focus on content, not templates

focus on the content, not the blog theme. It is undeniable that working on WordPress is a very time-consuming thing. You can get distracted to try themes that you think are beautiful, not to mention the plugins that have so many functions and of course you want to try one by one.

The main strength of blogs in articles, although the theme is also a consideration for the convenience of readers to linger on the blog. But focusing on that theme or plugin will take a lot of time.

In simple terms like this, before you dive into a theme or plugin, fill in 10 articles first. After that, it’s up to you, if you want to do themes and plugins, it’s okay as long as it doesn’t take long.

5. Meet the rules of a good blog article

The rules for articles in Malaysian language lessons and blogs are very different. Writing blogs for SEO has several rules that must be followed simply to make it easier to read and fulfill on-page SEO. Here is a little summary:

  • 1 paragraph should not be too many sentences. The type of reader on the internet is a speed reader. It’s best not to have too many sentences in 1 paragraph so that readers don’t get bored.
  • Maximize the use of Header fonts such as H1, H2, H3, H4, etc. because it makes the article tidier and it also turns out that its use affects SEO.
  • Provide internal and external links. Internal links lead to other articles on your blog that are related to a word / sentence that you discussed. External link means providing links / links to external sites that have high credibility (such as wikipedia or trusted news sites).
  • Give it a catchy title.

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