How Does SEO Work?

How Does SEO Work?

It should be noted that search engines, in this case Google which controls the search engine market, continues to improve quality. This quality is improved by regularly updating the algorithm. Search results become more relevant and junk content is simply dumped out.

SEO optimization must be adjusted according to algorithmic changes that keep happening. To make it easier for you to understand how these SEO principles work, you need to understand what indicators are involved in SEO. Here are the 8 indicators.

  1. URL structure

Search engines will find it easier to identify your site and the topic that is carried through the URL structure. It is highly recommended to create a simple URL structure to make it easier for search engines. For example, create a URL structure that contains only the domain name and the title of the content or article.

Just as humans find it easier to understand simple things, so do search engines. The content that you produce will be easier to recognize because the URL is not difficult to understand.

  1. Use of SSL / TLS

The Google search engine prioritizes sites that use SSL / TLS. This has been in effect since 2014. Sites with SSL / TLS have a better guarantee of user data security because there is data transfer encryption that occurs on these sites.

Sites without SSL / TLS are considered unsafe by the Google search engine. Therefore, try to see whether your site has SSL / TLS enabled or not. If not, activate it immediately to get priority from search engines.

What are the signs that a site is using SSL / TLS? One of the easiest signs to see is from a website address in a browser. Sites that are already using SSL / TLS will start with HTTPS. Meanwhile, sites that don’t have SSL / TLS will start with HTTP.

  1. Content theme

It is very important to pay attention to the theme or topic that is carried by your site. Please set one main topic for the site that you will develop. After that, create content on topics that are still related to the main topic.

If the topics of all content are related, the greater the chance for your site to appear on the first page of search results. This happens because the Google search engine will find it easier to recognize your site. So, please consistently choose a theme for the site that you manage.

  1. Search Intent

What is a search intent? Search intent is a search intent. One keyword may have different search intent. The Google search engine will usually display search results from the keywords that are most desired by users.

For example, for the keyword ball. Most of the results that appear are soccer news. This is because most of the people enter these keywords to get news balls not real balls. We recommend that you customize your content with search intent in search engines.

  1. Content Structure

Users will certainly prefer to read content that has a neat structure. The tidier the content structure, the easier it will be for readers to understand the information presented. That’s why it’s so important that you pay attention to the structure of your content as best you can.

Creating a good content structure is easy. You can simply use headings and subheadings in content writing. In addition, you can also provide images, videos or illustrations in any form to help readers understand the content you are presenting.

  1. Meta Tags

The next SEO indicator that you should understand is meta tags. The meta tags themselves consist of two points, namely the title tag and meta description. Both are tasked with helping the Google search engine to understand the content of the content on a web page that you have.

The title tag is the title of the article that will appear in search results. Make sure to keep the title tag short, concise, and clear. If the title tag is too long, Google will cut it according to applicable standards.

Meanwhile the meta description is text that will summarize the content in search results. You can find this meta description under the title and URL. Usually the meta description consists of 120 to 130 characters only.

  1. Backlinks

One of the main SEO factors that you must understand well is backlinks. The more backlinks that point to your site, the better. Search engines will consider your site to have high credibility. But backlinks must also come from credible and quality sites.

  1. Website Speed

The last indicator that is no less important is the website loading speed. If your website’s loading time is fast, it is very likely that your site will get a high rating. Therefore, ensure the quality of the loading speed of the website, whether accessed on a desktop or mobile.

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