How to Peek at Competitor’s Backlinks

How to Peek at Competitor’s Backlinks

Peeping for most people is a very pleasant thing. Likewise in the world of SEO. The backlink itself is the most important factor that can determine the quality of your website SEO. In fact, it cannot be denied that the sites that are in the order of the Google search engine are website owners that have quality backlinks.

But what are the benefits of peeking at competitors’ backlinks? The main benefit is that you can copy the backlinks of competitors that have good quality and then apply them to your own website backlinks. So, to be able to peek at competitors’ backlinks, you have to use a tool. The following are some that are commonly used to peek at competitors’ backlinks.


Ahrefs is one site that is commonly used to help you follow the spectrum of competitors. By using ahrefs, you can check large backlinks and then use them on the blog or site that you created.


The next site to peek at competitors’ backlinks is openlinkprofiler. This openlinkprofiler site will help you get backlinks for free.

Open site Explorer

The next competitor is open site Explorer. The function of this site is the same as the ahrefs site, which is to help you easily peek at competitors’ backlinks.

Small seo tools

The next site is using small seo tools. This site is a professional seo service that can be used for free by offering features, one of which is a backlink checker. This feature can be used by anyone anytime. While the weakness of this smallseotools is that only the number of apostles displayed is limited, there are only up to 100 backlinks that are sorted based on the most recent searches.


The next site to peek at tackling is webmeup. With this site, it can help you get backlinks from competitors.

Majestic SEO

Who is next, namely Majestic SEO. How to use Majestic SEO is by entering the name of the site you are going to peek at the backlink. Then you put the name in the search form on the Majestic SEO site. That way you can get a display in the form of a backlink from competitor sites.

Rank Signal

The last site used to peek at competitors’ backlinks is the signal rank. The weakness of this site is that the backlink results are displayed not continuously which may be crawled for 3 to 4 months. There are also some free and some paid

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