Get Thousands Of Blog Views With These Simple SEO Tips

Get Thousands Of Blog Views With These Simple SEO Tips

SEO is a versatile tool and my favourite method of growing traffic. The explanation is that traffic could last. It’s not like Twitter or Facebook where you share a post and maybe you get some traffic for one or two days, then it’s gone. For years, Search engines will carry traffic to you.

It will take time to identify perfect keywords because no matter how amazing the keyword appears, it doesn’t always work. Often I just won’t rank for a keyword that I feel I should, obviously for no reason. If you rank in Google with one post on the first page or two for keywords, you can conclude that your post is decent for Google and the chance to boost the rating for this post with a little fine-tuning is big.

  1. How to find the right things to boost the search results

This technique should operate on every article in SEO already (this means appearing in search results). However, you won’t all improve until you have near the number of posts I have.

If you have an article that already earns you money, generally you can presume that, if you are willing to increase your page views, you can double your revenue. First, I will reflect on these.

Otherwise, I’d look at Google Analytics to identify the articles that get the most traffic from Google, and then work on pages that you realise you haven’t done a decent job using keywords. You will prioritise which posts to boost with more keywords utilising this knowledge.

  1. How to find good keywords for your articles

If you determine which article you want to improve, certain keywords to introduce to the article must be identified. Opening the Google Search Console is the easiest way to do this. Choose impressions and place. This represents the average location and how much your site is shown for that keyword in Google search results.

You would then filter the results depending on the URL of the article that you boost. You may also sort depending on a term that will be used with the article you want to upgrade if it appears with as many keywords as practicable.

You will now see most of the keywords for that article and every word you have filtered. I tell most because I think Google doesn’t reveal anything. This isn’t even as hard as it might seem and should take only a minute. To explain this, here is a video of mine using the same technique for an article for which I want to boost the search rankings.

  1. How to use these keywords in your posts

This segment is the easiest:

Open the article and tablet. Look at the keywords that you prioritise for your impressions and place. If you don’t even have these keywords in your post, apply them anywhere to the document. You don’t have to be a lot of days. I find it more powerful to add many keywords than the same many times.

If you want to boost the scores for keywords, consider applying them to a subheading, title of the article or URL*.

Note: Content Quality is often critical. Forget keywords that are not grammatically meaningful and only add keywords to render the sound real in the language.

  1. What’s next?

As all SEO material, you must be careful. You will not wake up tomorrow and unexpectedly realise that you are rated #1 for each search word. In a month, however, I typically find results. It’s also better than fresh posts, which normally take four to six months for my websites to rank decently.


You now know my plan to boost traffic on my old SEO entries. This is an extremely fast and simple method after you have done it a few times and have positive results. You may also read my post on how to hit 100,000-page graphics with the right keywords, and more of my content marketing strategy. You will also find my content optimization checklist here to find more ways to get further traffic from your current articles (and earn more money).

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