How to use seo on Easystore?

How to use seo on Easystore?

You came up with a brilliant product concept and set up an online store for your company. In this day and age, we use search engines for almost everything. For example, how can I increase traffic to my online store? So, if you’re like most other online business owners, you undoubtedly ran a fast Google search for the name of your online store. Nothing. Your shop did not appear. Even when I typed in the precise url, it didn’t work. Don’t get too worked up yet. First, let’s look at how search engines function. When you search for anything on Google, it does not search the entire internet.

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘index’ before. If your website is indexed, it implies it is in their database. EasyStore gives the tools you need to have your online store indexed so that it appears in search results. Here is a checklist you may use.

  • Set up your tools.
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Download and install Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Set up Bing Webmaster Tools.

Having these tools installed on your shop helps you to engage with search engines as well as go in detail on analytics.

Description & Meta Title
When it comes to search engine optimization, the meta title and description are crucial. It is what appears in search results, and it is what prevents people from visiting your online business.

  • Write strong page names – keep them around 70 characters long and use keywords related to what you’re offering. Make sure not to overdo it by listing all of your keywords. Remember that you are attempting to impress the person who conducted the search, not the system.
  • Write meaningful and actionable descriptions – Meta descriptions have no direct influence on ranking. However, it is critical in getting visitors to click on your website. Use actionable terms like “purchase, obtain, shop, and so on” to entice people to act. To make it relevant, you still need to add keywords. Including value added might help enhance click through rates. For instance, “most reliable, free shipping, #1 store.”

SEO Friendly URL

Optimize the URL – In addition to the meta title and description, search results contain the URL (green). As shown in the preceding weight loss example (/weight-vitamins). Include the name of your product in the URL or product category. This enables both search engines and users to better understand what the website is about.

Every page in your EasyStore admin panel has an area where you may optimize your page for improved SEO.

Webmaster Tools

Use the “fetch as Google” option to communicate with Google. This will notify Google that your online shop exists, allowing it to send out “crawlers.” To accomplish this, go to Google Webmaster Tools.

Optimization of Content Pages

  • Ensure that header tags (H1, H2, H3, H4) are used correctly – Make certain that there is just one H1 tag (Heading 1). It is frequently used as the main headline for a page and generally includes the primary keywords.
  • Set substitute text for pictures – People search by image in addition to online searches. Keywords can also be included in pictures.
  • Create one-of-a-kind product descriptions – All material, including product descriptions, should be one-of-a-kind and created by you. Don’t, for example, utilize product descriptions from manufacturers. Duplicate material is frowned upon by search engines.

Factors Affecting Off-Page Ranking
Other tasks must be completed outside of your EasyStore settings.

  • Build social media accounts for your online business – Even if you don’t intend to use all of the social networking sites available, you should nonetheless create a profile for your store (for example, a Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube, or Google +). Social media profiles will also be displayed in search results by search engines.
  • Complete your profile bio – Every social media platform has a section where you may inform people about your company. Fill out the bio and attach a link to your internet store.
  • Obtain backlinks from bloggers – Link building is the act of obtaining other websites to link back to yours. This influences your store’s ranking in search results. Look for sites that give product reviews and contact them to have them review your items and online business.

Another Ranking Factors

  • Ensure that your online store is mobile friendly – Search engines favor mobile-friendly sites. If you use EasyStore, your online store is already mobile-friendly, so you don’t need to bother about this.
  • Get some early traffic – Without some traffic data, search engines won’t know how relevant or reputable your site is. You can gain some initial traffic by sharing with your friends or using the previously outlined link development approach. You may also utilize paid advertising to increase your first traffic while you begin to enhance your SEO.


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