Retargeting Increases SEO conversions

Retargeting Increases SEO conversions

Retargeting transforms a visitor action on your web or app into a second chance to grab a sale. It’s a smart way to switch top-of-funnel traffic from organic search to conversion.

Consider the advertisements shown below. Both appeared on Mashable to and Google Store guests. This is re-targeting also known as “remarketing.” It’s a way to get the brand in front of customers that have been engaging with your web or smartphone app, and it’s a way to boost visibility and conversion.

Critics argue that remarking is scary. After all, the advertisements will track you from site to site while you browse the internet. Yet it makes sense as a technique for search engine optimization.

One of the criticisms about SEO is that it drives a lot of tours, but not a lot of sales. Well ranking your search results increases your exposure and awareness of your name, but it will convert less than other platforms.

Moreover, SEO’s return on investment is always difficult to quantify considering the traditional buying path of modern shoppers.

Retargeting will boost SEO conversions and hence ROI conversions.

Abandoned Carts

It happens too often: you win a shopper’s click on Google’s search results, only to forfeit your deal as you leave your cart. She may have been window-shopping. Or she’s been called out to deal with something critical. Or she mistakenly closed her tab. No matter what the cause, you’ve missed the deal. But you know that she needed something unique. To counteract this, e-commerce platforms threaten individual shoppers as they exit their carts. 

Knowledge Searchers

Here’s another scenario: you’ve built a convincing blog post to boost the site’s organic search traffic—and it succeeded! But the tourists read only the message. They didn’t press further into the web, they didn’t buy stuff, they didn’t subscribe to your email newsletter.

These one-and-done informational guests may be turned to patients with retargeting.

Missing Pages

Even shoppers don’t follow the paths we’re searching for. This is particularly true of organic search results tourists. They could have landed on every tab. They could skip vital sales pages or leading items or categories.

Those shoppers are more likely to return again if you show them the most popular sites on your web.


Do your rivals have a greater organic search score, a higher promotional budget, or a more successful brand?

Retargeting will benefit you. Not only can you attract customers who have been on your site, but also others who are looking for the brand names of your rivals or suppliers. This mix is meant for customers exposed to your brand who are comparing-shopping. They’re tempted to come here.

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