SEO Optimization Using Meta Title and Meta Description

SEO Optimization Using Meta Title and Meta Description

One of the tips that is often obtained for SEO optimization is filling in the right meta title and meta description. What are meta title and meta description? As a result, individuals frequently turn to Google to obtain the information they need or want to know. They’ll locate webpages that address their requirements or inquiries on the search results page. The display that they  see is usually as shown in the following image:

What they see is a display of the meta title and meta description. Meta title and meta description are actually elements of HTML code. The meta title will appear in blue at the top. The meta title is the title that describes the web page. The meta description will be a longer explanation or description below the title that appears in gray.

The number of characters that will be displayed as a title by Google is 50-60 characters. For descriptions, Google will display 120-150 characters. Then what if they enter more characters? Most likely, Google changed the appearance of the title and the appearance of the description. Google usually trims the character at the end of the title or description and changes it to “…”.

Actually, they don’t need to waste too much time worrying about meta title and meta description. If we don’t include meta title and meta description then Google automatically manages them for them. Google usually takes some of the sentences on their web pages.

The reason why should set the meta title and meta description is to help Google Bot understand what is displayed on their web page. In addition to Google, titles and descriptions can also give a brief and clear impression and explanation for search engine users (humans). However, it is not necessary to include meta title and meta description on all web pages. They can include meta title and meta description only on the pages we want to highlight.


If you want to make writing for meta title and meta description, use sentences that describe what is offered on their web page and its uniqueness. Also, count the number of characters so that the appearance is not changed by Google. Avoid long and wordy sentences because Google may not necessarily fit all of them. Finally, estimate whether the title and description can answer the questions or needs of search engine users.

Then, to be more SEO optimized, the existence of keywords that are the main focus of the page must exist. However, don’t enter too many keywords so that later they become keyword stuffing which actually has a bad effect. Determining the correct meta title and meta description for each page has become part of SEO optimization services from  Expert SEO service.

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