Tips for Maximizing the SEO Version of Professional SEO Services

Tips for Maximizing the SEO Version of Professional SEO Services

What are the tips for running a good SEO service version of SEO Professional?

One of the important things that businesses need to pay attention to if they want to do digital marketing is choosing the best professional SEO services. Why should you use third-party services to help with SEO problems?

Because SEO optimization on a website is not an easy matter, especially if you don’t have knowledge about this. However, before choosing professional services for SEO work, it is better to know how SEO services perform their duties.

In carrying out their duties, SEO service providers will usually pay close attention to optimization on the website. We will discuss how to do this in this article.

Very Influential Things in SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is a method used to increase or increase traffic from a website. In increasing this traffic, it is done in several ways and emphasizes important posts. When working, professional SEO service providers always ensure that the following 11 things are met:

  1. Domain Selection

The first is the selection of the domain for a website, most business people want to save money and use free or free domains. Even though this will reduce audience trust and feel your business is less professional.

Therefore, we recommend that you use a paid domain with .com or .net. Thus, the audience will trust more and feel that using the services or products of your business is a good thing.

  1. Keyword Research

Keywords or often referred to as keywords are also important things to pay attention to in website optimization. With the right keywords, your website can appear on the first page of searches.

Keyword placement should be in these three main places, namely the title, first paragraph, and last paragraph. Then spread naturally in the article and do not pile up the placement.

  1. Title Selection

Professional SEO service providers are usually very concerned about the title of their articles. Why? Because the title will also greatly affect the interest of the audience to click on your site.

Create content with attractive titles containing keywords, but adjust the title with keywords as well as the contents in it. Also use H2 and H3 containing keywords to boost the popularity of your website.

  1. URLs

The URL also affects the level of visits a website gets. So, make sure you use easy-to-read URLs and use permalinks so they are more SEO friendly. This trick can make a website on the main search page, even at the top level.

  1. Writing Quality

The most important thing for professional SEO service providers is to provide the best quality article content. Not only does it have good keyword placement and is liked by search engines, but it’s also easy to read.

One thing that makes the audience like an article is a comfort in reading it and the information obtained from the article. So, the quality of writing must also be very concerning.

  1. Links Links

This is also important if the writing or articles on the website have links with other writings. You can place links or links with other posts or websites to attract more visitors.

  1. Speed

Page load is also an important thing and is of great concern if you want to make your audience feel at home and then come again. Because if the page load takes too long, visitors will close the page and move on to another site.

  1. Provide Relevant Solutions

Content that uses professional SEO services for website optimization will ensure that the content is made relevant and becomes a solution for search engine users. So, create content to answer audience questions, for example the question what are ornamental plants? Then make an article that discusses the problem and the answer.

  1. Content Structure

Then you also have to pay attention to the structure of the content created. Articles or content must have a good structure, and clear placement of H1, H2, and H3 so that it makes visitors comfortable reading them.

  1. Natural Language and Flow

Content creation, as done by professional SEO services, always prioritizes aspects of language in information. So, language and flow when creating content must be a very concern.

This is because search engines are able to distinguish which language and flow are natural so that they can sort out which information is trash or useful.

  1. Page Segmentation

Apart from that, also make sure that visitors can search for articles according to their needs with page segmentation. Especially if the website has several types of information in it.

Also, pay attention to the layout to make it easier for visitors. You can use the navigator as a tool to help visitors.

Mistakes You Should Not Make in SEO

Apart from the things that need to be considered, content creation in the style of professional SEO services also has some things that are forbidden to do. What are the mistakes or things that should not be done, consider the following points:

  1. Using General Keywords

It’s great to use keywords that are frequently searched for, but you shouldn’t be too general and don’t just use one word. For example, using the keyword house.

The word is very common, and many websites and blogs with information about the house. Try using more specific keywords, for example, “two-story minimalist house”. So, when a visitor performs a related search, your website will appear.

  1. Missing Local Opportunities

One of the tricks professional SEO service providers use is to use a dedicated area. However, website managers without SEO techniques often miss this.

It will be better if you focus on certain areas, especially your own. Because this method will help get potential customers. For example, the keyword used is “minimum two-story house Banjarmasin”.

  1. Rely on intuition

When optimizing a website using search engine optimization techniques, what is needed is real data so that you don’t choose the wrong keywords. Don’t rely on intuition, but stick to keywords and test them.

Use the help of Google Adwords Keyword Planner to help narrow down your keyword choices based on quantitative data.

  1. Use of Keyword Stuffing

Professional SEO services never use keyword stuffing, namely the technique of manipulating site tools in searches using excessive keyword placement.

This technique is called black hat SEO and is not liked by Google. For example, the practice of including keywords on each page tricks bots so that sites rank up. Or enter keywords repeatedly in a sentence or paragraph.

  1. Not Paying Attention to SEO on Site

Many website owners don’t optimize SEO on Site or SEO on the Page so they don’t get organic traffic. Some components to pay attention to are headlines, HTML tags, and images.

  1. Not Paying Attention to Technical Search Engine Optimization

Apart from SEO on Site, you also have to pay attention to technical search engine optimization as done by professional SEO service providers. The technicalities in question are site speed, crawlability, and index.

So, make sure your site is accessible quickly using visual optimization methods, reducing redirects from other sites, limiting website components, and creating minimal templates.

  1. Not Mobile Friendly

The next mistake is not making sure the appearance of the site is mobile-friendly so that it is difficult for mobile users to access it. Even though currently internet users use smartphones is the highest.

  1. Expect Fast Results

SEO results cannot be obtained in a short time, even if you use professional SEO services you will not be able to get them in one day. The results of this optimization can only be seen in a minimum of 4 months to 6 months.

By using the right techniques and avoiding optimization mistakes, it will be easier to optimize search engine optimization for your site. If you still don’t understand how to do it, then you can use professional SEO services.

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