Types of Seo Techniques

Types of Seo Techniques

Differences And Types of SEO Techniques White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO and Gray Hat SEO

SEO Technique: White Hat SEO

This type of technique is a technique that complies with search engine rules and is also often called a clean technique. When applying this technique it takes patience and persistence to get the results. The most important part of this technique is to make sure the article or content is original and according to the title.

How to apply this technique can be done in several steps, namely optimizing the quality of the article or content. You must guarantee that it is original, detailed, and informative. The next step can be done by maximizing keyword placement, but don’t overdo it. Correct placement, namely in the title, content of SEO articles, and meta-tags which are important components of Onpage SEO.

You can also implement quality link building which is part of Offpage SEO by looking for the good and right. The most important step in the technique for you to do is to use a template and a blog that is friendly, especially for mobile. Don’t forget to also promote your social media so that the results are more optimal.

SEO Technique: Black Hat SEO

The black hat technique is one of the 3 types of SEO techniques that are also widely used. This technique is done using a method that is not in accordance with search engine rules. When implementing this technique it does help to increase the content you have. It’s just that this technique can’t be applied in the long run.

One example of how this technique is done is copying and pasting other people’s article content. From time to time the Google search engine will find out about it and block your content. In addition, this technique can also be done by making keywords in the article content excessively.

Another way included in this black hat technique is to create link farming which contains hundreds of links on one blog page. The next way that should not be applied in this technique is to make the text invisible on the blog page.

SEO Technique: Gray Hat SEO

In the world and how SEO works, you can also combine two techniques at once, namely white hat and black hat which is called the gray hat technique. This technique is a mixture of the two with the same risks as using a black hat. This technique is a technique that falls into the category of violation and will be detected at any time.

This technique can usually be done by SEO users, seo masters, professional seo services, seo experts, seo masters who have become Indonesian seo experts to increase website rankings on search engines. In this technique there are also other illegal techniques that add cloaking links, duplicate content, and paid links. This technique is very dangerous because it risks causing your site or website to be permanently deindexed.

SEO is a method used to increase the ranking of a site or website to reach the top rankings and to be easily found on search engines like Google. In implementing this step you must be careful not to make mistakes that have a negative impact. Understand the 3 types of SEO techniques that exist slowly so that you don’t make the wrong decision and get a profit.

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