What is Local SEO and What Strategies for Optimizing It

What is Local SEO and What Strategies for Optimizing It

If you want to market your products to the local market, local SEO is the right strategy.

The reason is, this technique can increase product or business visibility in certain locations by utilizing search engines.

For example, when someone types “nearby places to eat”, Google will immediately provide several recommendations based on keywords.

So, however, for your business to be included in the recommendation, there are certain factors and strategies that need attention.

For more details about what local SEO is, let’s look at the description in the following article!

What is Local SEO?

Simply put, local SEO is an SEO optimization method or strategy.

The purpose of this technique is often to raise sales so that they may be seen on big search engines such as Google.

For example, the greatest places to eat in Kuala Lumpur may be located by searching for such information on Google.

The results will provide a variety of options for the top restaurants in Kuala Lumpur.

As a business owner, utilizing local SEO is an effective strategy for marketing your business locally.

Now to do Local SEO, you can start by registering your business on Google My Business.


Local SEO Optimization Strategy for Business

In general, performing local SEO is quite basic and easy. 

All you have to do is sign up for Google My Business. 

This allows potential clients to easily locate your firm and learn more about it. 

As easy as it seems, your company must outperform its competition in order to rank first.

Then, what is the local SEO optimization strategy for business? Follow the method below.


  1. Add Business in Google Business Profile

The most important local SEO optimization strategy that must be done first is adding a business to the Google Business Profile. 

To register, open Google Maps, then click the menu in the top left and select Add Your Business.

The second way, you can do it is by logging in and clicking Add Business.

After adding a business to the Google Business Profile, complete all the required data.

Then don’t forget to fill it in with actual and valid data.

After charging, the next process is to do a review which usually takes 1×24 hours.

  1. Do Keyword Research

Same with SEO optimization in general, local SEO is also related to keyword research.

As the name implies, this keyword research is an activity to find keywords that are suitable for your business.

That way, the local SEO process will run optimally.

In this situation, you may conduct keyword research using a number of SEO tools, like SEMRush, Ubersuggest, and others.

  1. On-Page SEO Optimization

After keyword research has been done, the next step for local SEO optimization is to optimize on-page content.

This optimization relates to website content, starting from titles, descriptions, tags, images, articles, keywords, internal links, and others.

Local SEO on page optimization is a strategy that is important to do so that your business gets the top position.

The reason is, on-page SEO is a determining factor for a position on search engines like Google.

  1. Build Good Website Authority

Next, the strategy for local SEO optimization is to build good website authority.

The higher the authority of a website, the more potential it has to get top rankings on Google.

  1. Add NAP Citations

NAP Citations are also a strategy for optimizing local SEO.

This is done by adding a short quote about your business.

The format for optimizing NAP citations for local SEO is in the form of a name, address, and telephone number.

The higher the NAP Citations a business appears on the internet, the more Google will recognize the business.

As a consequence, it will be simpler for prospective clients to locate information that belongs to your company.

Make careful you always give the same information in this situation.

Don’t provide information that differs from what you post on social media or other platforms, in other words.

  1. Don’t Ignore Consumer Reviews

The final strategy for local SEO optimization is not to ignore consumer reviews.

The reason is, consumer reviews are one of the important factors that affect local SEO.

This strategy is frequently referred to as word-of-mouth advertising.

Customers will be more likely to trust your company if you leave more favorable evaluations for it on your Google Business Profile.

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