How much does SEO cost in Malaysia 2021?

How much does SEO cost in Malaysia 2021?

SEO rates for the typical monthly retainer in Malaysia charged by SEO agencies usually fall from RM3,000 to RM10,000 per month. Generally, the worth for one-time SEO audit services will go between RM3,000 to RM5,000. Keep in mind that the fees may differ; the costs can be varied as it depends on the SEO agency you hire.

Most SEO businesses provide monthly retainers because most of the time used to rank a website for a specific set of industry-relevant keywords will usually take months to show results. For hourly rates, they’re usually provided by freelancers who are going to be ready to perform the foremost basic SEO task, as hourly charging usually means they are doing not have many retaining clients, which can limit the budget they’ll spend on more advanced SEO tools.

Some businesses prefer to manufacture their services by offering various aspects of search engine optimization as one-time services, typically for the client with very specific requirements, or for an in-house marketing department outsourcing a particular mission. These services include SEO audit, keyword research, backlink analysis, Google penalty removal, and more.

As for SEO campaigns, this is often ideally fitted to company owners who have unique needs or marketing strategies. An SEO campaign will last on average over 6 months, so you can expect the price to start from RM10,000 per campaign.

SEO Pricing (Hourly)

When you are trying to find an hourly payment for SEO, it’d be best to rent a consultant or to rent workplace to perform an SEO audit then pay an hourly rate for various SEO services as appropriate.

In one’s gathers research that collects 36.78% of respondents who are selling their SEO services by hour. They found that the most common hourly rate for SEO agencies is RM440-RM660 per hour. For SEO consultants, the fees they charge fall on RM330-RM440 per hour, while for freelancers, they only charge RM180-RM220 per hour.

Based on the survey retrieved, the average hourly rate for each group is:

  • i. Agencies: RM540 per hour
  • ii. Consultants: RM530 per hour
  • iii. Freelancers: RM296 per hour

SEO Pricing (Monthly Retainer)

A monthly retainer is the fee of a sum of money a customer has paid in advance to ensure that they can have the services available for an extended period of time. The customer pays a lump sum upfront or makes a regular monthly payment, and you work on a long-term project with them or give them access to resources every month.

Many SEO companies are going to be offering monthly or annual contracts revolving around a monthly calendar. Many of the monthly packages provided by other organizations would offer a hard and fast number and category of services, like written posts, acquired backlinks and optimized websites.

Based on the same research, the researchers managed to collect 74.71% of respondents that charge a monthly retainer for their SEO services.

Based on the survey retrieved above, the average monthly retainer rate for each group are:

  • i. Agencies: RM12,270 per month
  • ii. Consultants: RM8,300 per month
  • iii. Freelancers: RM6,000 per month

SEO Pricing (Per Project)

There also are agencies that charge their SEO services counting on the number of projects or campaigns received. As for the fees per project, Ahrefs found that 43.35% of respondents charge SEO services price by project.

Based on the survey retrieved above, the typical per project rate for every group are:

  • i. Agencies: RM22,720 per project
  • ii. Consultants: RM19,500 per project
  • iii Freelancers: RM6,660 per project

You can see how agencies charge tons above the freelancers for all three sorts of SEO pricing. The factor that would affect the hourly rate is what percentage years of experience the agencies, consultants, or freelancers have. It seems that experience and track record play a critical role in determining the costs they charge.

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