How to Write SEO Friendly Articles

How to Write SEO Friendly Articles

SEO Friendly refers to the standards set by Google in ranking articles in search results. This is what lies behind how important an article must comply with SEO friendly writing rules. So not only using standard language or good sentences, but the structure of the article must be correct and precise.

Here are guidelines that you can practice in writing good and correct SEO friendly articles, including:

  1. Using keywords that visitors are likely to search for

Keyword (keywords) is the first element that you must insert in writing articles. Because these keywords are often used by internet users to find certain information as they expect.

You must adjust these keywords to the background of the visitors who read your blog. This method aims to find out the target keywords that visitors usually type in the Google search engine.

  1. The content of the article answers the questions of visitors / keyword searchers

You need to know, it turns out that Google can find out whether keyword searchers are satisfied or not satisfied with their search results. This is based on a number of indicators, such as:

The amount of time a visitor spends reading the article content.

Whether the articles that are read are shared or not by web visitors.

Both of these indicators prove that the longer time visitors spend reading the article, the sign that the article has met readers’ expectations. Starting from the completeness of the article whose content provides answers to something asked by visitors who are typed through keywords on the Google search engine.

If the content of the article meets these indicators, Google will provide additional points for the articles you create.

  1. Using focus keywords appropriately

You must use a proper focus keyword that is not excessive or repetitive in the articles you make. If you use excessive keywords, the quality of your articles will decrease. This clearly affects the search results on the Google engine, in other words your article will not appear on the top page.

  1. Articles that are made must be worth reading

There is one provision that makes your article worth reading by visitors, namely by paying attention to the accuracy of the article that you make in accordance with writing rules.

The higher the accuracy of an article, the higher the professionalism of the writer in managing his blog. After the article is finished, check the completeness and language style of the article.

  1. Set the placement of internal and external links in the body of the article

The fifth guide is that you need to manage the placement of internal links and external links in the article content. Internal links are links from other articles on the same blog / web as the article you post.

While external links are links that lead to other articles located on different blogs. You can usually place external links if there is an advertiser that offers advertising on your blog. Advertisers will pay you according to the product / band / service advertised.

  1. Pay attention to important elements on your blog

Important blog elements that you should look out for include:

  • The sentence in the article, where one sentence tries to contain a maximum of 20 words.
  • Paragraph in the article. A good paragraph is not too long, try to only consist of one paragraph of 4-5 lines.
  • Try not to use the URL that is too long. For example, according to the title of this article, you would write the URL
  • Short and catchy blog title. We recommend that the title of this blog can describe the outline of the article content that you create, and contain the article keywords.
  • The placement of headings must be regular. Heading is used to separate paragraphs of more than 300 words. Try to also contain keywords in one of the headings. Enter it appropriately, don’t overdo it.

If you want articles with posts to be on the top of the page, then you have to pay close attention and then practice some of these elements / components.

  1. Perform image optimization well

An interesting article is an article that does not bore the reader. In addition to article content, you must also optimize images so that they are different from other blogs. The trick is:

  • Adjust the image file name and image alt text with the focus keyword used.
  • Reduce the image file size by compressing the image without reducing image quality, so that page loading is faster.
  1. Uploading article content on blogs consistently

Readers will be very happy to visit the blog if the blog is always posting articles consistently. This triggers their curiosity to always read articles from the blog.

Of course, the content of the article writer services that you create must also be interesting and useful. So that readers can get factual information from your blog. This method simultaneously makes the blog look active and gives a good signal to Google. Google will also provide a plus to the blog.

  1. Using a unique point of view with regard to keywords

The point of view that you use in an article is very necessary to develop the keywords that you apply. Try to use a new point of view and different from other people’s articles.

The more unique the point of view you use in solving the problem, the more it will add value to the article you write. Even the existence of articles will stand out in public.

  1. Creating a good and correct article structure

In general, an article has an article structure that consists of:

First, the opening (prologue). Second, the content. Third, the closing part (epilogue) in the form of a conclusion. By creating an article structure like that, it will make it easier for you to develop keywords in the articles you write. Readers also find it easier to recognize which part is the opening, content and conclusion. Because most readers only care about the conclusions of the articles they read.

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