Latest Google Algorithm

Latest Google Algorithm

What is the Google Algorithm?

Let’s start by discussing the meaning of the Google algorithm itself. Google’s algorithm is a fairly complex system and is used to retrieve data and present data results instantly. The data is extracted from the search index and the best results will be presented to you.

The algorithms used by the Google search engine are constantly changing and updating all the time. This is what we sometimes don’t realize even though we use Google so often. Along with the times and technology, algorithm updates by Google are becoming more frequent.

Why does Google Update Algorithm

  1. Minimizing User Violations

Please note that this algorithm is used to adjust the schema of the search results to be displayed. Algorithms play an important role in organizing search results so that they match what you expect.

The algorithm also makes it easier for Google to filter content so that search results match the rules. However, we know that currently there are a lot of people who use and access Google. Of the many people who access Google, it is known that many have violated the rules.

There are many site owners who play dirty so that content from their sites can appear on the first page of the Google search engine. They may also perform Black Hat-style optimizations that are known to be inconsistent with Google’s rules.

  1. Maintain the Ecosystem

We know that currently Google has dominated the search engine market. This condition certainly wants to be maintained by Google. They have grown up and want to protect the ecosystem they already have. That is why they continue to update their algorithms so that the ecosystem is maintained and users are comfortable searching.

  1. For the sake of providing the best content

As we all know that currently there is so much content spread across cyberspace and can be accessed by anyone. Each content certainly has a different quality. The algorithm from Google will regulate what content can appear on the first page.

In order for the content that appears on the first page to be of good quality, an algorithm update is required. This update is made so that Google users can continue to get quality content that they expect.

If we do a search on Google by entering keywords, the results that come out on the first page are the best. Google will continue to maintain this quality by updating the algorithm regularly.

Types of Google Algorithms

  1. Algoritma Google Broad Core
  2. Algoritma Google Payday
  3. Algoritma Google Sandbox
  4. Algoritma Google RankBrain
  5. Algoritma Google Hummingbird
  6. Algoritma Google Panda
  7. Algoritma Google Penguin
  8. Algoritma Google Pigeon
  9. Algoritma Google Fred
  10. Algoritma Google Mobile

Latest Google Algorithm in 2020

  1. Core Update

This algorithm was updated on January 13, 2020. There is no specific function description for this algorithm. However, in essence this algorithm will help improve the search quality for users.

  1. Featured Snippet Decluttered

This algorithm was updated on January 22, 2020. As the name implies, this algorithm will reduce the appearance of sites with featured snippets. The site can only appear once on the search page. This algorithm is known to make Google search results even tidier.

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