Quick Link Building Guide

Quick Link Building Guide

Building backlinks is something that you must do for you to build link building. By building link building it will make an increase in SEO performance on your website. Maybe some beginners still think that the process is just commenting on websites or forums. However, it turns out that you really have to pay attention to building this link building. Well, here is a short guide to building link building.

Must be done in place of dofollow

There are two kinds of link characteristics, namely dofollow links and nofollow links. So what’s the difference between the two characteristics of the link? what distinguishes between the two is the nature of the activity rather than the link. While the characteristics of links that are sought after in building link building are dofollow.

By using dofollow, the website where you place the link on your website will recognize the link. That way, the recognition of the website will make Google’s search engine recognize the link as well.

Guide to Building Link Building

For websites that have nofollow link settings, no matter how many links you place, the website will never recognize them. Even the influence can also reach Google, which will not be recognized. So that the person is just an ordinary link and is useless to build a network on your website.

So before you leave the link, make sure that the website or forum where you plan to put the link has a dofollow link setting, otherwise your link will be useless.

Performed on high PageRank websites

Google will really respect your website which already has a high pagerank. While the dofollow link that will go to your website and be on the website, it will also have a big influence on your website. The greater the pagerank of your website, the greater the positive impact. Therefore, you are invited to find ways to get dofollow links that go to your website and from websites that have high pagerank.

Done on the relevant website

Google will also see whether a website is relevant to the website itself or not, so it is not only seen by its pagerank. If nothing is relevant then your website will be considered spam by the Google search engine. Furthermore, it will have a negative impact on your website so you have to be careful.

Adjust the number of links to the homepage and posts

If all the backlinks that you have obtained lead to the home page, then in Google’s eyes what will rise is only that home page. This is not a problem for new websites, the important thing is that Google knows the existence of your website. But when your website grows, try to provide graphic backlinks that lead to posts on your website. That’s because it’s not just your homepage that will appear on Google, but also your other posts.

In building link building, it is easy to bother. However, everything will match the results. With a little effort to increase the SEO on your website on Google then the results will bring visitors to your website.

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