SEO as Foundation of Market Dominance

SEO as Foundation of Market Dominance

Traditionally companies created market dominance by monopolized practices basically due to lack of media communication reaching people like nowadays, companies able to monopolize the market by limit the access, increasing the price and engaging in price skimming. This works well when you own the assets powers or critical patents. You can take the pharmaceutical industry for example. They have the capability to boast sturdy profits and benefit from long-term patents that protect them from being challenged by other players. On the other hand, for most other companies they are in different cases which require them to struggle in order to maintain and boost even more profits.

In the new digital era now, SEO is truly set as a foundation of market dominance. This is where SEO Services Malaysia plays a role. Have you ever heard about SEO services? There are a lot of BEST local SEO Services Companies in Malaysia. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization program, which is the application to maximise the number and quality of traffic to your website via organic program results.

Throughout this digital age that we are living now, consumers are looking for the most coherent way of getting their needs fulfilled, and the most efficient way to do so is through the power of the Internet. Marketing online really needs to emphasize on having inherent and customer-friendly website design. Websites are that optimized for SEO and marketing to increase traffic to your page and improve product sales and coincidence achieved the market dominance.

It is more important than ever to develop digital marketing strategies that offer consumers with original content that will serve them with additional benefits such as branding and audience growth. Masters below online trends and dominate your market.


In order to establish authority and grab consumer’s trust, you must consistently create valuable powerful content through a variety of channels especially online sites such as: social media, videos, website articles or blogs, eNewsletters, emails and articles or blogs on other websites.

Content is vital for a business to steadily build rapport with their target audience and build a loyal following. Most of the time, content should include relevant industry information that provides awareness or entertainment to a company’s target marketing.


I will never forget, it’s a throwback during my study time how MySpace ruled the world especially for teenagers. After that come Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and a lot other social media platforms. The reality is that every day new Social Media platforms come to market and it is compulsory to be aware of the trending platforms so we know where consumers can be found. Before this, business was limited in the social media networks they could implement into their marketing campaigns. For the foremost part, the alternatives were Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Today the options marketers have are much extensive.

3. Image Centric Social Media Marketing is Hot

It is mostly important for companies to form content which is easy to be quickly digested especially when there will be a lot of advertisement pop out. This is where focus or stress on quality image is vital. Based on research, the rapid increase in popularity of those social media channels are proven by the benefits and viral potential of image-based content.

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