Study Types of Headlines For Marketing

Study Types of Headlines For Marketing

Now that you understand the basics of copywriting, let’s dive deeper into the headline points. Why should you go deep? This is because the headline is the opening key for readers to enter into your chat. If people don’t read the headlines, then it is certain that people won’t buy the products we offer.

Here are some types of headlines that you can use:

Profitable headlines

You can give an idea of ​​the benefits that buyers will get if they actually buy the product. Profits can be in the form of economic or psychological.


  • Buy 1 product, get 2 products
  • Use economical at crisis prices
  • 10,000 bonus when buying today!

If you want to put forward headlines with various kinds of economic benefits then you should use the words: Discounts, Bonuses, Packages, Savings, Gifts, Freebies, and others.

News Headline

Furthermore, news headlines are more directed at providing general news. This is perfect for launching your new product, or announcing your product.

Examples such as:

  • Open every day, except doomsday!
  • Lucky draw, 1 million

Or many more, you can try to modify it using your own language.

Selective headlines

This is a type of headline that shows as if you are targeting a promotional ad for people. It is suitable for targeting marketing targets. Examples of sentence usage could be like; Especially for women, especially for those of you who are single, specifically for XL card users and others.

Curiosity headlines

This is the type of headline that can make ad readers feel even more curious about what you have to offer. Examples of sentences that can be used, such as; Mistakes in business that can cost you, 1 simple technical thing done by world sales, and others. Or you can also write a curiosity headline with a question sentence such as; What makes a woman’s skin white?

Gimmick headlines

You can use puns and sentences in a title. It could also be a sound repetition or a hoax.

Examples such as; Sales continue to have a smooth fortune, a flood of orders from resellers, really, and others.

Fear Headline

You can also use fear headlines to scare readers so that they can really feel scared if they don’t follow what you have to offer. This headline is very suitable for buyers who want to have certainty of life in the future. Sentences that can be used such as; Beware of bankruptcy! Do not run out! Be careful cholesterol!

Question Headline

You will ask your readers a question, and they will silently answer yes or no, yes or not, know or don’t know. This type of headline is perfect for building brand, awareness and also closeness with readers. Sentences that can be used such as; Have you been drinking yakult today? Have you been giving alms today? Have you checked the store yet?

Quotation Headline

You must include a quote from other people so that you can make it as a headline. You can quote someone’s words, character endorsements or customer testimonials. For example, like; The product is delicious, I like it (testimony), all entrepreneurs are obliged to take part in this seminar, and others. You can try to make up your own sentences.

Command Headline

This is a headline as if you are going to order or invite readers to do something right away. As; Come on alms, Come on to school, Bell or bite your fingers, Come on bukber here!

Claim Headline

The tenth is a claim headline where you will confess or claim and declare unilaterally or feel that you are the only and number one (best). For example, 12 Most Delicious Formula Milk, 12 Best Selling Books in 2020

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