This is How to Write Quality SEO Friendly Articles

This is How to Write Quality SEO Friendly Articles

Articles are content on a website or blog. Articles are the main foundation of your website’s strength. Because, a website or blog without articles, does not attract many people who are hungry for information. That is why, every blog owner must know how to write quality SEO friendly articles.

Why should it be SEO friendly? Because, these articles are not only intended for humans. Articles should also be easily crawled by search engines, such as Google. So, your articles have the opportunity to occupy the best positions in search engines.

Want to know how to make it? Come on, see the full explanation below:

  1. Keyword Research

Before starting to write an article, it would be a good idea to research keywords first. For example, suppose you want to write an article about cats. Find out what keywords users are often searching for regarding cat articles. For example, how to care for cats. Then, use these keywords as the theme of your writing.

  1. Apply keywords into writing.

Keywords that have been obtained, you enter into the article. However, the density level must be considered. For a 500 word article, you can use keywords only 4 times. First you enter in the title, then in the first paragraph, at the end of the paragraph, and the rest is free.

  1. Human Readable

Even though it is SEO friendly, you must still pay attention to the articles that you make so that everyone is comfortable reading. Because, search engines also have a bounce rate algorithm that can determine the quality of a website’s writing from the reader’s interest.

  1. Minimum word count is 500 words

Currently, the type of SEO article that is considered good is an article with a total of 500 words. Because, with 500 words, we can describe a complete and detailed information. We can also discuss various issues related to various problems in full with the number of words.

  1. Articles should be made as detailed as possible.

Avoid article explanations that are convoluted and circuitous. Use each sentence appropriately to share information. For example, an article with a total of 1000 words, you create to share the most complete information for the discussion that you will choose.

For example, you will create an article on the theme of an Angora cat with a total of 1000 words. Create articles on several key sections. Make it a maximum of two paragraphs opening. Then the rest, make an article with various subtitles such as the history of the Angora cat, the characteristics of the Angora cat, how to care for it, the price, and many others.

  1. Make Short Paragraphs

Unlike the conventional way of writing, articles for us to post on the internet must be made in the form of short paragraphs. The maximum in one paragraph is only 4 lines. Five lines if not possible to make it short.

That is, try to make paragraphs 3 to 4 lines so that readers are comfortable reading.

Well, that’s how to write quality SEO Friendly articles. Hopefully the tips above add to your insight regarding how to create quality content.

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