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Ericanfly – SEO Malaysia | Google Ai SEO in Malaysia 2024

2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year for SEO, with a focus on user experience, content quality, and adapting to the evolving landscape. Here are some of the key trends to watch:


Focus on User Experience (UX):

  • Core Web Vitals: These page speed and responsiveness metrics are becoming increasingly important for ranking. Ensure your website loads quickly, is mobile-friendly, and offers a smooth user experience.
  • Headless CMS: This flexible technology allows you to deliver content across multiple platforms without relying on a traditional front-end, potentially improving user experience across different devices.
  • Omnichannel SEO: Consider how users interact with your brand across different channels (search, social, apps) and optimize your content and presence accordingly.


Content Quality & E-A-T:

  • “How-to” Content: Search engines are prioritizing content that helps users solve problems and complete tasks. Create informative, actionable content that truly addresses user needs.
  • Situational Content: Cater your content to specific user situations and needs. Consider factors like time of day, device used, and previous search history.
  • Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T): Google emphasizes trustworthy sources. Build E-A-T through high-quality content, reputable backlinks, and expertise of authors.
  • AI-Assisted Content: While AI tools can help with content creation, avoid purely AI-generated content that lacks human insight and quality.


Other Key Trends:

  • Voice Search Optimization: Optimize your content for voice search queries, focusing on natural language and long-tail keywords.
  • Structured Data: Implement structured data markup to provide search engines with richer information about your content.
  • Brand Building: Building brand awareness and trust can benefit SEO, especially in a competitive landscape.
  • Generative AI: While still evolving, generative AI tools may offer new opportunities for content creation and optimization.


Google Gemini and SEO:

  • Impact on Search Results: While still under development, Gemini is already being used to enhance Search results. We’ve seen a 40% reduction in latency for specific searches in English (US), suggesting faster and potentially more relevant results. This emphasizes the need for SEO strategies that consider the evolving algorithms and ensure content remains highly relevant to user intent.
  • Personalized Search: Gemini’s multimodal capabilities could lead to more personalized search results based on user history and preferences. SEO might need to adapt to cater to individual user contexts and search journeys.
  • Content Insights: Gemini’s ability to analyze and understand different data types might offer deeper insights into content performance and user behavior, potentially influencing SEO best practices.


Google SGE and SEO:

  • New Content Formats: SGE generates summaries, answers, and other content formats directly within search results. While traditional SEO remains important, optimizing for these new formats might become relevant.
  • Dynamic Content: SGE content updates dynamically based on search queries and user interactions. SEO might need to consider the impact of this dynamic nature on ranking and visibility.
  • Focus on Intent & Understanding: SGE emphasizes understanding user intent and providing comprehensive answers. SEO practices should prioritize in-depth content that truly addresses user needs.

SEO Malaysia | Google SEO Services Process 2024

Find our how we are crafting an effective strategy SEO process flow that make your digital marketing success.

(1) Ask questions: We will first ask our client a lot of question to make sure we are on the same page such as What is your marketing objective and goal? We will first need to find out what is your digital marketing objective vs your marketing budget? Why google should rank you in first page? What is your unique selling point? Why people should trust you? Who are your main competitors? Where they are better than you?  Previous SEO experience (if any):  Why not happy with your current seo provider, why looking for new seo provider, what keywords current rank? What main keywords do you want to focus, what CMS are you using?  and etc


(2) We will propose: Based on the above complete fact finding, we will propose if seo service is the right for you or Google ads can work better based on your long term & short term objective and where budget is justify with your ROI. SEO might not suitable if you are looking for instant results as SEO will take up to 3 – 6 months to rank Google 1st page.


(3) Website Audit: If SEO is worth to invest, we will need to make sure your website is fit for SEO including responsive design, loading fast, secure, user friendly with google user experience and excellent original content. Else we will propose to settle your website requirement first before we can start seo.


(4) Keyword Research: We will Identify relevant most profitable keywords related to your business, products, or services by utilising tools like Google Keyword Planner to find high-ranking and relevant keywords. We will also suggest to SEO major key general keywords of your industry.


(5) On-Page Optimization: We will start optimize your website’s pages for selected SEO keywords for 12 months. This includes creating unique compelling meta titles and descriptions that catch your user attention and worth to click, using header tags appropriately, and ensuring content is original, valuable and user-friendly for user but not for Google only.


(6) Content Creation: We will next to propose you to input high-quality, relevant, and engaging content to ensure seo keywords must match with your website content. We will also propose to regularly update your website with fresh and informative industry articles and blog posts.

(7) Technical SEO: We will also ensure your website is technically perfect with Google PageSpeed Insights. This involves optimizing site speed, fixing broken links, having a mobile-friendly design, and creating a sitemap for search engines with secure https and more.


(8) Link Building: We will recommend to build high-quality both internal and external including backlinks from the reputable websites related to your industry and focus on acquiring links from sources related to your industry or niche like association website, government website and more.


(9) Social Media Integration: Web traffic can come from every where. We will suggest you to connect your social media platforms such as Google Business Profile, Facebook, Instagram, XHS, lemon8, TikTok, X (twitter) and so on to your website. Social signals playing a big role of bringing positively impact your SEO ranking in Google! Thus, please share your content on platforms where your audience is active & engaging.


(10) Local SEO: If you are F&B, Hotels, Manufacturer, Services Provides, Clinics, Specialist, Hospital or any business with local location in Malaysia, optimize for local search with Google Business Profile is super important as people will search in Google Maps. Ensure your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) information is consistent across all online platforms to build better trust for your users.


(11) Monitoring and Analytics: We will regularly monitor your website’s performance using tools like Google Analytics 4, Google Search Console and other seo ranking tool to keep track the performance of your chosen keywords, user behavior, and other relevant metrics like conversions. We will provide monthly seo ranking to update you on your seo status.


(12) Adaptation and Improvement: SEO is never a one time job only. SEO is an ongoing process, and patience is key to build trust with Google as well as with your users. We will need to stay updated with SEO trends like Google SGE, a new way to search with generative AI and Google algorithm changes over time. Continuously adapt to new SEO strategy based on performance data, industry shifts, and evolving search engine algorithms as well.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization with the purpose to improve keywords ranking in Google, Bing and yahoo to bring more organic (free) traffic to the website. SEO will involve keywords research, on-page optimization, content creation to match keywords, technical seo , link building or off page seo, user experience (UX) enhancement and local seo like Google My Business & Google Map


Why do you need seo?

SEO will help to increase website visibility in search engines like Google, attract more organic (free) traffic, improve user experience, build better credibility since rank in Google 1st page that help to gain a competitive edge, seo also long-term results, improve local search visibility, and provide best & effectively ROI.

What is the purpose of SEO?

SEO is to help improve a website’s visibility, better rankings, and higher relevance in Google search engine results pages that will help to increase organic (free) traffic, better user experience, and ultimately generate more calls, leads and business.


Why is SEO important?

SEO is so important for every website as it optimizes your keywords to rank higher in Google search engine results, driving organic (free) traffic, enhancing user experience, and boosting better credibility that indirectly help to generate more leads, outrank top competitors with lasting results. SEO will also help to improve local visibility on Google Maps and Google My Business.

Ericanfly – The Best SEO Malaysia based in Puchong, Selangor.

Ericanfly is the leading seo malaysia & seo consultant Malaysia with over 20 years of experience in the SEO industry Malaysia. We have SEO services help more 300+websites rank #1 in Google, increase organic traffic, conversions, enquiries, calls, leads & sales, and business growth!

We are experts in Google SEO Services and local SEO services will definitely help your keywords outrank your competitors. As a leading and pioneer seo services company in Malaysia, Ericanfly is one of the outstanding seo agencies in Malaysia that help more than 300+ clients in various industries to achieve more than 5,000 keywords ranking in Google 1st page top 10 ranking.

What Will You Be Getting From Ericanfly Seo Services?

  • Rank in Google 1st Page Ranking
  • Stay Ahead of your competitors
  • Help your customers find your website first!
  • Get more Enquiries, Calls, Leads, & Sales
  • Better Brand Awareness!
  • Build Better trust and credibility!
  • Our SEO Services packages are from RM2,000


Why Choose Ericanfly As Your Seo Partner?

  • We are pioneer SEO Malaysia since 2001
  • We SEO over 300+ websites!
  • We Rank over 5,000+ keywords on Google Top 10
  • We guarantee Google Top 10 or 100% Money Back!
  • We measure your SEO Results effectively!
  • We are 100% Made in Malaysia

Ericanfly is also Google Partner, SiteGiant Partner & Exabytes Partner

How Ericanfly Seo Your website for Google Top Ranking?

  • We will recommend SEO best practices on your website
  • We will perform ongoing keyword discovery, expansion and optimisation
  • We will recommend best seo website architecture, content, linking
  • We will recommend drive organic traffic through content creation
  • We will recommend internal and external link building strategy
  • We will monitor SEO performance and competitor analysis and monitoring


What industry does Ericanfly Seo Malaysia serve?

Ericanfly SEO Services serve various Industries In Malaysia & Globally To Rank Google #1 Page including:

What website does Ericanfly Seo Malaysia serve?

We have great Seo Hands-on Experiences In Providing Google Seo Services For Websites Built Using Various website builder including:

“Ericanfly is leading Seo Malaysia Company Providing Best Seo Services & Seo Consultant That Rank Your Website Up & Top 10 (#1st Page) Or 100% Money Back!”

Schedule Your FREE 1-to-1 SEO Consultation Services with Ericanfly or whatsapp / call +6012-6963011

Ericanfly – SEO Malaysia Services FAQs

What changes will do you make on our website to perform SEO Malaysia Services better?

We will make sure all seo keywords will match the landing page of your website according. Next we will setup Google analytics, Google Search Console and goal conversion tracking for you. We will also prepare the meta tags accordingly to the relevant landing page. For WordPress website, please provide us full admin login, we might need to install wordpress plug in according. Please call / whatsapp +6012-6963011 for FREE SEO Consultant!

What type of SEO Malaysia Services are you offering?

We offer various type for SEO services including local seo services, ecommerce seo services, ecommerce seo services, mobile seo services and enterprise seo services as well. Please call / whatsapp +6012-6963011 for FREE SEO Consultant!

What industry can your seo Malaysia services cover?

We serve clients from various corporate website, SMI SME to public listed company. Our seo clients are from various industries including medical, technologies, industrial, consumer services, professional services, manufacturer and supplier, hvac, electronic, roofing, oil and gas, software, education, pest control, rental services, ecommerce webstore, retails, engineering, home improving and more. Please call / whatsapp +6012-6963011 for FREE SEO Consultant!

How long will you take to seo our website?

Organic SEO results will take longer time compare to Google Ads. Usually it will take 3 – 4 months time in order for you to see your keywords start ranking well in Google. We will send you monthly seo keywords ranking reports by first week of every month for you to monitor your keywords ranking reports. Please call / whatsapp +6012-6963011 for FREE SEO Consultation!

What make you different from others SEO agency?

Beside that helping you appear in Google top 10 (first page ranking), we care about your SEO ROI also! We will do various type of goal tracking measurement and we always ensure SEO always give you the best digital marketing ROI. We will setup all the conversion tracking like enquiry form submit, phone call, emails and more.  We are web design company with more than 10 years experiences, thus we are familiar with web design, we can help you improve your website UX and UI in order to increase engagement of your website visitors. We are also Google Partner, we can help to plan for Google Ads – Search, Display, Video, Shopping or Apps as well. We provide one stop digital marketing solutions. Please call / whatsapp +6012-6963011 for FREE SEO Consultant!

What can we expert from SEO?

Well, you will see your keywords rank in Google top 10, you are also expecting to get more calls, sales and enquiries. SEO will help to boost your brand awareness. Please call / whatsapp +6012-6963011 for FREE SEO Consultant!

Why SEO is Important for all businesses in Malaysia?

SEO helps build brand awareness

SEO builds trust and Credibility

SEO helps people find your website

SEO always give best ROI!

Where Organic SEO Results will show in Google Search Results?

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