Popular Types of Articles on the Internet

Popular Types of Articles on the Internet

Popular Types of Articles on the Internet

Articles are one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website organically. However, to get those results, you need to be able to get people to read the article first. The following are the types of popular articles that you can load on the website.

  1. How-To . Articles

How-to articles are one of the most common types of articles posted on business websites. How-to articles are inherently educational and great for generating traffic from organic search. How-to articles are best used when the keyword or topic being used relates to telling the reader, such as “How to Write a Good Article”.

How-to articles will look much better if there is a visual element that explains the contents of the article in it. For example, you can provide an image that shows how to do something, or better yet, show a video of how to do something.

  1. List of Articles

One of the articles that are most often found on the internet is a list article. As the name suggests, list articles will have contents in the form of lists of things, such as this article which contains “Types of Articles”. Usually, a listing article will include a number in its title, making it very easy to spot even from the outside.

Unfortunately, list articles are often considered low-quality articles because their format is too basic. However, when written in a good and right way, list articles can have excellent content and can increase organic traffic to the website at a higher rate than other types of articles.

  1. FAQ articles

As the name suggests, an FAQ article is a type of article that has a format like a Q&A (Question & Answer) where the author answers questions frequently asked by readers. This type of article is very suitable to be written by beginners because the format is arguably easy. Even so, FAQ articles can also still increase organic traffic to the website because many people are looking for them in search engines.

  1. News Articles

A news article is a type of article written to inform and educate readers about events or happenings that have occurred over some time recently. This type of article is used to give readers the information they need or want to know about what is going on around them.

News articles themselves are rarely used on a business website, but sometimes a business also holds events that must be reported. Well, this news article is useful for conveying that the business has just held an event, and writing down what happened at the event.

  1. Comparison Articles

As the name suggests, a comparison article is a type of article written to compare two or more things. This type of article is quite widely published on various websites because it can be used as a marketing tool for certain products. However, comparison articles must have unbiased content so that readers can compare them objectively.

3 Benefits of Popular Articles for Websites

Articles have very essential benefits for a website. Without articles, the website will be very difficult to get visitors. The following are some of the benefits of articles for websites that you need to know.

  1. Increase Traffic

Everyone will do a search into a search engine using certain keywords. Websites that don’t have articles in them don’t have a lot of keywords in them, which means they’re going to have a really hard time getting traffic to them.

Through articles that contain various kinds of keywords, a website can get high traffic, especially if the articles contain keywords that are often searched for. Therefore, make sure your website has good and correct articles in it so that traffic increases.

  1. Improve Ranking in Search Results

Search engines like Google will display websites with the most relevant keywords in their search results. If your website does not have articles, it is almost impossible for the website to appear in search results. Articles with the most relevant keywords will definitely appear at the top of the search results.

Search engines like Google like articles with interesting content, especially articles that have clear, detailed, and in accordance with the rules of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The more articles that are published on your website, the higher the chances of appearing in the top rankings of people’s search results.

  1. Increase Brand Awareness

It is very important to have articles on the website to increase brand awareness of your business. The more often your website appears in the top rankings of people’s search results, the more recognized your business will be. In addition, make sure the articles that are published have relevant keywords so that they are searched more often.

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